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Obun Printing is devoted to understanding and cooperating with our customers, our business associates, and all stakeholders as we work together toward a sustainable society.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The UN member states unanimously adopted these 17 goals (with 169 targets) in September 2015, as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development—with the aim of achieving these goals by 2030, “with no one left behind.”

Obun’s Initiatives / Efforts


Ecofriendly Development and Ecofriendly Products

・FSC® Forest Management CoC Certification
・Deployment of low-energy (on-demand) printing machines
・Development and commodification of original plastic-reducing varnish
・Use of ecofriendly non-VOC inks.


Pleasant, Personable Work Environment

・Compensatory time-off system
・Encouraged use of paid-leave
・Reduced overtime
・Work-from-home system
・Commendation for long service
・Selective defined-contribution pension plans
・On-site AED
・On-site emergency supplies
・Periodic health check system
・Stress checks



・Active Safety & Health Committee
・Support for vision-impaired (Braille, tactual maps, writing boards)
・Promotion of Universal Design
・Production of emergency supplies (Information boards, emergency kits)

SDGs-Supporting Products and Services


Carbon Offsets

Carbon offset systems have become an important topic in the approach to global warming. As part of our effort to cut greenhouse gas emission, Obun applies a carbon-offset printing service that effectively brings our net CO2 emissions to zero—good news for customers who are also concerned about the environment.


FSC-Certified Paper |Ecofriendly print paper

Obun supports the work of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and we print FSC trademarks on any of our products that use FSC-certified paper. By combining our carbon offset efforts with our use of FCS-certified paper, we can contribute significantly to our customer’s environmental and SDG activities.


LL Books |Easy reading

LL books are for readers who may have trouble with standard books—perhaps because they are not native in the language, or perhaps a result of limited reading skills. You can explore and order LL books through the Heartful Books web service, available at this portal:


nu board and disposable paper |ecofriendly products

Varnish used for the disposable paper in these products is completely non-toxic.
These products are very ecofriendly; continue using them for many write and erase cycles, and—when the time comes—dispose of them as normal burnable waste.