Carbon Offsets

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Despite our best efforts, CO2 emissions from printing processes cannot actually be cut to zero. Under Japan’s carbon offset system, however, we can purchase J-credits (emission rights) generated by other CO2-reducing companies, in the amount necessary to fully offset our actual emissions. 


Japan’s J-credit system is a nationwide program to support sustainable development. Money spent on credits is then used to invest in reforestation, renewable energy development, and other CO2 reduction efforts. Credits may be traded both inside and outside Japan. By placing a monetary value on emissions, the system encourages environmental awareness among businesses.

Obun Printing uses a special digital printer to help manage our use of carbon offsets to achieve net zero CO2 emissions. Konica Minolta calculates our CO2 emissions over the full life cycle (materials, products, distribution, usage, disposal); Obun then purchases J-credits to fully offset our emission, and prints out CO2 net zero. 

※Including five years of toner usage.
※Excluding options.
※Not including CO2 in paper.  

This approach raises our awareness of environmental issues, greatly reducing energy use and paper waste. Through these efforts, we contribute to our customers’ voluntary environmental and SDG activities.