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Company Profile

Creating new markets; contributing to social sustainability

We embrace the challenge to simplify our customers’ lives by developing original products and services and creating new markets. Our guiding principle is to meaningfully contribute to the wellbeing of our customers, our team, and our communities. We maintain a supportive and inspiring workplace, and produce and deliver products and services that satisfy customer needs while supporting a sustainable society.

Product & Service

Varnished Printing

Varnished Printing

Obun’s varnished printing delivers a tactile experience that adds to the high quality of the product. Our aqueous varnishes offer an elegant, smooth feel; our lacquerware varnishes combine a lustrous finish with a granular texture; and our raised varnish gives tactility to the printed message itself. Because varnishes are resins, these products are easily recycled as ordinary paper.



In addition to our paper stationary, we also use or original varnishes to create a variety of unique and ecofriendly printed products. Our nu board and erasable paper have attracted a large community of users. These products work very well as promotional novelties, and can easily be adapted into original products for your own company.



Sustainability has become an important social and business goal, and Obun is committed to using ecofriendly printing processes as we create products and services that can help everyone communicate smoothly and effectively.

Web to Print Services

Web to Print Services

Use your web browser to assemble your data and order your print product. Open to anyone with a browser and an Internet connection; there are no applications to install. Popular services include business card creation and blog-to-book printing.


Braille and Tactual Maps

Obun proudly offers printing of Braille and tactual maps to help support the communication needs everyone. The 2021 revision to the Act for Elimination Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities establishes that, as of April 2024, private companies shall have a duty to provide reasonable consideration to those with disabilities. We encourage you to check out our products as you work to achieve this important goal.


Translation & Interpreting

We offer both specialized and general translation and writing services. For example, we currently provide ongoing translations for financial, securities, and biotechnology firms, as well as yearly translations of CSR reports. We also deliver quality translations for a top European luxury brand.