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Personal Information Protection Policy / Handling of Personal Information

Enacted: 1/15/2004
Revised: 6/1/2011
Misao Wada
President, Obun Printing Company, inc.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Obun gathers, processes, and transmits various types of information in the course of our printing and web-oriented business activities. We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of all personal information provided to us by our customers and gathered by us during the course of our work, and for this reason have implemented the policy outlined below.

  1. 1.All personal information entrusted to us shall be used only for the terms and purposes of the assigned work, and shall be provided or disclosed to others only where necessary and appropriate for carrying out this work.
  2. 2.Obun shall, upon requesting and gathering personal information from an individual, clarify the purpose for which this information is obtained. Obun shall not use this information, or present or disclose it to others, for any other purpose, without prior consent from the individual who provided it (or the individuals whom it concerns). Obun shall exercise due diligence to ensure that we gather information appropriately, and only insofar as can reasonably be considered necessary to carry out the assigned work.
  3. 3.Obun shall, upon requesting and obtaining information about employees, clarify the purpose for which this information is being obtained. Obun shall obtain and use such information only in accordance with this purpose, and shall take due care to protect its confidentiality.
  4. 4.Obun shall appoint an individual to be in charge of the protection of personal information; shall implement an effective security system based on appropriate technologies and an appropriate organizational framework; and shall carry out appropriate preventive and corrective measures to protect against leakage, destruction, loss, improper access, tampering, impersonation attacks, and other such potential compromises.
  5. 5.Obun shall observe all laws and statutes related to the protection of personal information, and shall comply with the recommended conditions set forth in the JIS Q 15001 standards for personal information protection management systems.
  6. 6.Obun shall establish a personal-information-protection compliance program to be followed by all employees. We shall periodically review the program and, based on these results, implement continuous improvements to ensure that effective protection is always in place.
  7. 7.Obun shall appoint an individual to serve as chief liaison for personal information, and shall respond quickly and appropriately to any request by the client or by concerned individuals for confirmation (release), correction, or deletion of personal information that we hold.