Obun’s braille printing technology delivers attractive, high-quality materials that can be enjoyed by sighted and vision-impaired readers alike. This original technology merges UV-hardened varnish deposition processing with full-color or monochrome offset printing.

Obun Braille Printing


Obun’s braille prints fully comply with JIS T 9253 standards for uniformity of dot height and dot shape.


  • Lasts longer than conventional braille embossing. Stays cleaner, and is less susceptible to wear.
  • Unlike conventioal embossing, Obun’s process leaves no indentations on the back of the sheet.
  • Because dots are formed with transparent varnish, they can be created directly on top of normal color and monocrhome printing.
  • Printed products deliver an excellent reading experience to both sighted and vision-impaired readers alike.
  • Because our varnish coater is mounted directly on the offset printer, the process is less expensive than alternative methods of UV-hardened braille printing, and supports faster and higher-volume production runs.
  • Not just for braille. By adding thick deposition capability to standard offset printing, the technology opens the way to other new possibilities in graphic design.


 In developing this process, one of our motivating goals was to find a way to produce picture books that sighted and vision-impaired children could experience together. The results speak for themselves.

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