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We happily accept orders for any number of copies—even if you only want just one! Welcome to our blog binding service. is blog-binding service affiliated with many of Japan’s major blog sites. We’ll turn your blog data into an attractive paperback booklet (74-by-105 mm).

Easily make a bound copy of any blog that supports MT files. Simply export the blog into an MT text file and upload it to us. We will compose it in PDF form, and you can view the results and decide whether to go ahead with binding. If you are not pleased the first time, you can try again…and again, and again.

We offer 24 different cover designs, and you can insert original photos. We have already handled a wide variety of blogs, including: birth and baby journals; travel diaries, wedding journals, haiku and poetry anthologies; pet journals. Our customers are young and old, male and female, married and single. Some order only 1 copy, while others order 30 or more. We all know what it feels like to read blogs on the web, but viewing, holding, and sharing a printed blog can be a new and interesting experience. Why not give it a try?

We accept orders of even a single copy. You select the typeface and print orientation (horizontal or vertical). If you like, you can use large print (B5 size). Print in color, or black-and-white.

We handle blogs created for Livedoor Blog, SeeSaa Blog, MovableType, TypePad, and Hatena Diary, and will happily provide you with a PDF version free of charge.


Supported blogsBlogs on all affiliated sites (Excite, goo, and many others); any blog that supports MT files.
CoverSelect from 24 covers (92, if color variations are counted). May also include original photographs.
SizesPocket (A7); paperback (A6); standard (B6); large (B5)
TypefacesSelect from 6 Japanese typefaces.
Paper typesColor, monochrome (select cover and inner type separately)
Printing optionsTitle; author; period covered; blog’s URL; foreword (title, text, date display, signature); table of contents; alignment of dates; page breaks: indentation; comments; trackbacks; color printing
Type of bindingSoft, hard; book jacket also available