Aqueous varnish

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While aqueous varnishes cannot match the luster of UV-based varnishes, they provide their own special elegant texture. Because these varnishes dry quickly, they can be used to protect fragile or difficult-to-dry paper, allowing for faster and more reliable delivery of print orders.

Advantages of Aqueous Varnished Prints

  • More stable than UV and oil-based overprint (OP) varnishes, with less discoloration of printed material over time.
  • Less fingerprint smudging than with UV and oil-based OP varnishes.
  • Use little or no powder during printing, so printed surface is smoother. 
  • Superlative scratch resistance. 
  • Fast drying enables faster delivery time.
  • Paper retains its natural texture, while printed side is protected against abrasion and dirt. 
  • Obun offers double-sided printing with this type of varnish.
  • Spot coating and printing is also available. 

Printing with Aqueous Varnish (examples)

This is an ideal surface processing for book covers, title sheets, and photo-album pages. It protects against abrasion and dirt, and provides an elegant texture that we encourage you to sample.