Communication Tools for Global Businesses

As companies advance into the global arena, they face an increasing need to implement multi-language communication.

Obun produces a wide range of communication tools essential for expanding your business on a global scale. Our products include PR materials, marketing promotions, training materials, and manuals.


Internal and Public Relations

A globalizing business requires effective tools for communicating both internally and with the public. As a long-time specialist in foreign-language printing, Obun has built up wide and deep experience in creating products for overseas audiences. We are currently providing high-quality translation, production, and printing for a broad range of communication tools—including PR brochures and environmental reports for Japanese firms, and in-house magazines for a major foreign luxury-brand corporation.

Whether you’re a Japanese company expanding abroad, or an overseas company doing business in Japan, Obun stands ready to devise PR strategies and produce PR tools that will help you develop strong relations and build goodwill. We will partner with relevant specialists, collect data about your industry and your competitors from a wide range of sources, and analyze them, as we work to design and create cost-effective strategies that can help you win a competitive edge.


Marketing Tools

We begin by conducting data collection and analysis to determine your customers’ hidden requirements, then generate copywriting that appeals strongly to these needs. We place as much emphasis on the design as on the copy—the text appeals to the mind, but the design appeals to the senses. Our professional staff produces high-quality design, copywriting, and translation tuned precisely to the needs of your market.