Write, hang, erase, and rewrite. Rewritable magnetic paper sheets.


Rewritable magnetic paper sheets

This novelty board consists of rewritable paper on one side, backed by a magnetic sheet. Sticks onto any steel surface. Use to post schedules and memos, or as a whiteboard. Many potential uses, both at home and in the office.



  • Whiteboard-like erasable front surface. Write with whiteboard marker or crayon, and erase freely.
  • Rewritable surface uses our own original varnish. No risk of peeling, as with polypropylene sheets.
  • Magnet comes from top Japanese manufacturer.
  • Easy to cut with scissors or other sharp edge.

About “rewritable paper”

Our proprietary rewritable paper is specially coated for writing with a whiteboard marker. Write, erase, and rewrite over and over again. Ideal for a multitude of uses.
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Great Novelty Item: Custom Paper Book Covers.

We accept orders of 5,000 units and up for our Cansay-style book covers printed in your own custom design. Include your company logo and photographs of your choice. A great novelty item to help promote your business.

Custom Paper Book Covers



Cover is slit so that it fits securely and won’t slip off.
Fits books of various thicknesses. Bunko-bon covers fit spine widths up to 21 mm (13/16 inch); shinsho-bon covers fit spine widths from 9 mm to 21 mm (3/8 to 13/16 inch).

Please note:
The terms bunko-bon and shinsho-bon do not denote specific sizes.
These general terms are used with varying meanings by Japanese book publishers.
Book covers are made of paper and are not designed to last.


Supported Book Sizes

Bunko-bon 152 mm (H) X 105 mm (W) X to 21 mm (spine)
Shinsho-bon 175 mm (H) X 105 to 111 mm (W) X 9 to 21 mm (spine)


About emotional value printing

Obun’s original emotional value printing imparts a high-quality, embossed feel to Cansay book covers and to other products that we offer.