Design & Editing

Creative, professional printed materials remain a key to business success. Obun can work with you to plan, write, and design powerful brochures, product catalogs, company profiles, and other printed communications that can help you stand out from your competition. We also offer a number of original products that we can customize to create unique sales-promotion tools.

Brochures and Product Catalogs

Essential Members of Your Sales Team
How can you attract prospective customers to your products and services—stimulate their interest, and persuade them to commit? Surely you must begin by presenting a clear and appealing explanation of how your products and services stand out from those of your competitors.

Effective brochures and product catalogs can do this, and more. They can explain, they can persuade, and they can help drive sales. Even in today’s world of computerization and online marketing, live sales teams and personal interactions remain essential for business success. And effective printed materials can function almost like a live salesperson—gaining the prospect’s attention, and then leading the prospect through education, persuasion, and on towards commitment.

Obun is ready and able to provide printed materials that are clear, appealing, and persuasive. Carefully written content—and judicious selection of dimensions, materials, and printing techniques—can help you achieve your goals.

Company Profiles

Earn Your Prospect’s Understanding and Trust, and You Win Their Business
Your company profile should be professionally designed to achieve its desired effect among your target audience. We begin by clarifying your objectives and targets, and then proceed to conceptualize a profile that will meet these goals. We then create a printed brochure that will reach out to your audience—explaining your mission and capabilities, communicating a powerful company image, and leaving a strong impression.

An effective printed profile is a great way to create an impression that will pull your prospects toward you. But to be effective, the profile must be skillfully designed. Everything—the content, layout, typefaces, size, paper stock, and binding—must work together to achieve your goal.

Novelties and Original Products

Customized Promotional Tools
Obun can plan, design, and manufacture effective promotional items that leverage the attractions of our original products—our Nuboard whiteboard notebooks, erasable paper, book covers, and more. We will be delighted to consult with you, review your sales sites, and develop ideas to suit your sales plan, budget, and timelines. Call us, and we will show you how our customized products can help you boost your sales.