Printing Solutions for the Financial Industry

We provide overnight printing, binding, and mailing of market surveys and business reports.

Our Print PACS division specializes in financial printing, and is fully equipped with the latest technologies. Our experienced and professional staff can produce color documents from your Windows® data, and is fully capable of translating financial reports and providing original English-language writing for your annual reports.

Obun’s Print PACS division was launched in 1988 as our center for on-demand printing. The division initially specialized in the printing financial materials for foreign firms, but today the scope is broader and we serve Japanese companies as well. The “PACS” in Print PACS stands for Punctuality, Accuracy, Confidentiality, and Service.

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Affiliations with Overseas Financial Printers

The Print PACS division prints a variety of analytical surveys and reports created by foreign financial and investment firms for distribution to their investors. To better serve our customers, the division maintains close affiliations with Uhi Document Solutions (in New York and London) and with financial printers in Hong Kong and Australia. All of these companies specialize in financial printing and can take full responsibility for the printing and mailing of investment and credit reports. Working with these affiliates, we have built an Internet-based workflow system that allows us to distribute work effectively and to support multiple countries and languages. Through these efforts, Print PACS is currently helping both Japanese and foreign firms develop their global businesses.

Overnight Printing, Binding, and Mailing

A typical investment report is 6 to 8 pages long and is printed in two colors. Typical volume is between 100 and 1,000 copies. Obun will print, bind, and mail out this report within 24 hours following receipt of data.

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Fast Production and Delivery

Financial surveys and market reports must get to the reader while the information is fresh. Obun can update your market information immediately before starting the print run, then complete the run within two to three hours and promptly deliver the result to investors. Our system is specially designed to get your material out accurately and quickly.

Windows® Platform Saves Time and Costs

The financial industry is increasingly turning to 2-color and 4-color printing of financial surveys and reports to provide a better viewing and reading experience. Data is typically sent to the printing company in the form of MS Word and MS Excel files. Obun is fully equipped with digital printing machines that can print directly from this data, and with CTP (computer-to-plate) facilities that can move the data onto metal plates for full offset printing.

Obun has long experience working with Windows data, and has successfully developed special techniques to overcome problems that have been known to occur with certain types of data under certain environments. We offer stable and high-quality printing for all supplied Windows data, and are happy to advise about the best ways to create and print data based on the data types and environments that you are using. Direct use of Windows data offers considerable savings in both cost and time, as it greatly reduces the work involved in editing, proofing, and compositing.

Meeting the Special Needs of the Financial Industry

Obun has developed considerable expertise in serving the special needs of banks, securities firms, and investment companies. We can cover the entire production process, from design through packaging and mailing, in a way that precisely fits the purpose and content of each job. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about financial products and can deliver excellent translations and production values. We can also provide original English-language writing for annual reports and other important company documents.


In the financial industry, confidentiality comes first. Printed materials are often used to report information that has not yet been released to the general public. At Obun, we ensure confidentiality by handling all printing and binding work internally.