Special Coatings for Great Look and Feel


Special Coatings for Great Look and Feel

The August 2007 edition of the monthly Design-No-Genba featured a detailed description of the UV coating techniques offered by Obun Printing.

The article presented objective evaluations of gloss gradations, matte finishes, and pattern finishes.

The photo shows a Mitsubishi New Daiya 304 offset press, with coating equipment installed.

Urushi Lacquered Printing

Obun proudly offers new techniques that give a “lacquerware” texture to your printed product. Our multi-varnish technologies impart a beautiful gloss, an elegant feel, brighter colors, and greater durability, creating a product that is instantly recognized for its high quality.

This approach is ideal for product catalogs, company brochures, and other publications that need to make a strong, immediate, and lasting impression.

A New Dimension to Varnished Prints

Varnished printing itself is not new. Varnishing, PP processing, and hot stamping are all widely used by offset printers for the purpose of improving durability and providing a gloss.

But Obun brings this technique into a new dimension. Our varnished products are not just glossy and strong. They also offer a very appealing texture that encourages the reader to pick up and hold on.

Your product appeals not just to the mind and the eyes, but to the touch as well. By balancing a variety of varnishes, we create printed pages that have a 3D “embossed” texture, a brilliant sheen, and an extremely high-grade presence.

Features of New-Dimension Varnishing

Obun’s new varnishing processes offer the following benefits.

  • Many choices: Gloss, matte, pearl, lacquered, and more
  • Apply either all-over or spot
  • Can be followed by embossing or hot-stamping
  • Rapid delivery (Does not require a separate production line)
  • Easily recycled-no special handling necessary
  • Wear—resistant and water-resistant
Available Varnishes and Their Features
Aqueous Varnish
  • Maintains Color Over Time
  • Resists pickup of fingerprints
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fast-drying type offers rapid delivery time
UV Varnish
  • Deep gloss (comparable to PP varnish)
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Environment-friendly (no organic solvents)
Pearl Varnish
  • Gives a metallic finish to ordinary paper
  • Works best on lighter colors
  • Available with aqueous, UV, and pearl varnishes
  • All-over or spot
Spot Coating Sample:Spot coating
  • Uses UV varnish
  • Targeted coverage (photos, patterns, etc.)
  • Can be applied in a pattern
Sample:Urushi Lacquered PrintingSample:Urushi Lacquered Printing
Sample:Urushi Lacquered PrintingSample:Urushi Lacquered Printing
  • Overall effect is similar to embossing
  • Can produce intricate raised patterns, designs, etc.
Pearl Varnish Sample:Pearl VarnishSample:Pearl Varnish
  • High gloss, high-quality appearance and texture
  • All-over or spot


Until recently, the standard way to create a high-grade print product was through use of high-grade paper and PP processing. Obun’s new-dimension varnishing process, however, fits right into our standard offset printing line, and works with ordinary paper.

And while most surface processing is carried out only for posters and cover pages, our process is more flexible: we can apply it to all pages, to single pages, or to individual sections on each page. We can also use UV and OP varnishes together to combine high gloss with embossed texture, for a truly premium result.