On-Demand Printing

Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it! Available in both monochrome and color.

On-demand printing is the “just-in-time” system of the printing industry. Our on-demand facilities deliver the exact quantities and variations that you need, at the exact times that you need them. Perfect for runs of 100 to 200 copies.

On-demand printing eliminates the need for inventory, so your costs come down.

Offset printing machines are not designed for small printing runs. While the machines offer fast printing per page, the time required for setup and adjustment makes them uneconomical for smaller jobs. Minimum lot size for an offset print job is typically on the order of several thousand copies.

Digital on-demand systems, in contrast, are ideal for runs of several hundred copies and have numerous other advantages over offset machinery. On-demand printing is available both in monochrome and color.

Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it! Available in both monochrome and color.

Advantages of On-Demand Printing

  1. Cost reduction : Print only the number of copies required.
  2. Faster delivery : Streamlined processing requires less lead time.
  3. Environment friendly : Processing is fully digital. No need for any organic solvents or draining of liquid wastes.
  4. Supports variable substitution : May include copy-specific numbers, bar codes, etc.
  5. Can print directly from standard file formats—from PDF files, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint files, etc.
  6. Eliminates inventory : There is no need to print up and store large number of copies. Print only when and as required.

While on-demand printing is ideal for many type of jobs, it is relatively less suited for documents with large page counts, or when printing onto large paper sizes or unusual paper types. The following table shows a comparison of the two methods.

On-Demand Printing and Offset Printing: A Comparison

On-Demand Printing Offset Printing
Method Digital Analog
Typical volume 1 to 500 copies More than 500 copies
Paper Restricted to certain paper types and thicknesses Any
Sizes Up to A3 Up to very large sizes (posters, etc.)
Fastest turnaround time Several hours Several days
Possible to print directly from standard document formats? Yes (PDF, MS Word, Excel, etc.) No
Variable substitution? Yes No
Print quality Less resolution than with offset. Very high
Environmental impact Low Requires appropriate management
Cost Cost-effective for low volumes Cost-effective for high volumes

Our Print PACS plant operates sophisticated on-demand print facilities, and is prepared to run in double shifts to get your job produced and mailed within 24 hours. The head office is networked into Print PACS and can provide RIP (Raster image processing) and other support.

On-Demand Printing Machinery (at Print PACS)

Color on Demand
  • CleverPress: one unit
Color on Demand
Monochrome on Demand
  • Nuvera 120 Light Publisher: three units
Monochrome on Demand
Other Machinery
  • CTP (Computer to plate): two units
  • 4-color Heidelberg printer with duplexer (supports 2-color duplex)
  • Binding facility
Other Machinery
Other Machinery