Color Offset Printing from MS Office Files

We can deliver full color printing directly from your MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint data.

Enjoy the convenience of working with standard programs that you are already familiar with. Many of our clients are using this service for their promotional materials, work manuals, and reports. This approach can save you time and reduce your printing costs.

Until recently, high-quality offset printing required the use of expensive, specialized DTP software. To better meet customer needs, Obun was among the first to develop expertise in printing directly from Windows data. This approach can save considerable expense—both for production runs of several thousand copies, and for tiny runs for internal use.

Color Offset Printing from MS Office Files

Overview of Service

MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have become essential and ubiquitous business tools. Powerful and easy-to-use, these programs allow virtually anyone to produce attractive full-color documents. And indeed, many companies now regularly use color when printing out their documents on their office printing machines.

But office printing machines are not offset printers, and until recently MS Office files could not be used directly for serious offset work. Customers who wished to retain their carefully crafted MS Office layouts needed to pay professionals to rebuild their documents for offset printing—at considerable time and expense.

Obun solves the problem by generating plates directly from your MS Office data. The processes produce excellent quality not only for text but also for tables and graphics.

Overview of Service


Direct printing offers two big advantages…

1. Lower Cost

In the conventional approach, the data must be redesigned, re-proofed, and corrected. Direct printing eliminates all three of these processes, resulting in considerably lower cost.

2. Less Lead Time

Since all of the design work is done by the customer, only minimal preliminary checking is required. Turnaround time is very fast.

Workflow Comparison

Workflow Comparison

Typical Applications

We have used this approach successfully with the following materials.

  • Internal and external promotional material
  • Manuals
  • Reports for members of organizations, brochures, booklets
  • membership magazines, town information magazines