A paper blackboard: Rewritable Black Paper

Rewritable Black Paper unites the virtues of a blackboard with the convenience and portability of paper. Thanks to our special coating, this paper behaves just like a blackboard-so you can write and erase as many times as you like using standard blackboard markers.


Rewritable Black Paper A3 and A4 sizes are great for both POP displays and general blackboard use. Cut and shape the sheets to any size and shape, and freely attach to walls and other surfaces using tape, pins, or magnets. A very useful tool for promoting sales at your store.


As a blackboard substitute
Blackboards have always been a warm and friendly way to attract and welcome your customers. But a typical blackboard is bulky, heavy, and rigid. Rewritable Paper is lightweight, can be cut to any shape, and can be placed anywhere-hung on the wall, wrapped around a post, or mounted on a board.
POP ad placed near product. Cut as desired, and mount on a corkboard.
For menus and welcome messages. In front of the store.



1. Uses standard blackboard marker

  • ” An A1-size sheet (594 x 841 mm) weighs only 79 grams (2.8 oz.). Easy to tape or pin onto walls or other surfaces.
  • ” Use anywhere. Requires no special tools.

2. Easy to cut and shape

  • Cuts into any shape using scissors or cutters.
  • Myriad uses—limited only by your imagination.

3. Environment-friendly

  • Consists of common paper with special coating
  • No toxic chemicals used in manufacture.

4. Easy to store

  • Even the largest (A1-size) sheets can be rolled and stored in tiny spaces. (Product is also available in smaller A3 and A4 sizes.)

Optional Feature: Original Printed Designs
Because we use our printing plant facilities to manufacture this product, we offer the option of printing custom designs on the surface during the production process. You can add your company logo, or you can cover all or part of the sheet with a made-to-order pattern. Colors may be freely selected. Please contact us for details.


Specifications – Size / Sheets per Set / Model No. / Price (tax not incl.)
  • A1 (594 x 841 mm) / 1 / MNCGSA1B01 / ¥657
  • A3 (297 x 420 mm) / 4 / PNCGSA3B04 / ¥924
  • A4 (210 x 297 mm) / 4 / PNCGSA4B04 / ¥467
Proper Use…
  • Please use whiteboard markers when writing on this product.
  • Not all markers work equally well; some types may smear.
  • Write on the glossy side.
  • Try not to touch written areas. Touching may cause smearing, erasure, and transfer of marker ink to hands or clothes.
  • Do not use as a print medium in copiers, fax machines, or printers.
  • Never feed through machinery. May cause mechanical damage if passed through a machine.
  • Usage by children should be supervised.
  • Dispose of as combustible waste.