Printing Solutions for Magazines and Journals

Printing and Mailing of Technical Journals and Papers

Obun is a one-stop solution for periodical production: we will process your data and translate, print, bind, and mail your periodicals. We support many data formats, including Mac DTP, MS Office, PDF, and XML.

Obun has been printing the Asian edition of the weekly scientific journal Nature for twenty years. In the early days the source data came to use over analog phone lines, while today it comes in PDF format over the Internet. We receive the data from London on Wednesday morning and print it in the early evening, and the packaged product will be sent to the customers on Friday.

Printing Solutions for Publishers

We also print scientific papers for a German-based leading publisher producing a great number of STM (scientific, technical and medical) titles worldwide. The company sends us XML job tickets together with the PDF data; we fill out items on the tickets accordingly and return them to the company’s server in Germany. Likewise, the entire workflow is efficiently controlled by software developed by our company.

One-Stop Service

Our Sakado factory can handle the entire journal production process internally: planning, composition, prepress, printing, binding, and mailing. Our streamlined production line gets the work out reliably and quickly. The line includes facilities for shrink wrapping and mailing.

Support for Multiple Languages

As a specialist in foreign-language printing, we understand the importance of maintaining effective communication with our overseas customers. We coordinate closely with overseas offices as we conduct operations on their behalf in Japan. We are currently working with clients in London, Germany, New York, Hawaii, Paris, and South Korea.

Our services include technical translations in the areas of medicine, environment, and manufacturing. For more information, please see Foreign-Language Deployment > Translation and Interpreting Services.

DTP and Prepress Services

We are fully prepared to receive and process DTP data from our customers. We can inspect the data to be sure it is ready for printing, replace photos and illustrations, and carry out all necessary adjustments. We would be pleased to review your worksite environment and provide advice about how to improve your DTP production. We support all major DTP formats, including MS Office, Mac OS X, and Adobe CS3.

In recent years, we have been servicing a growing demand for offset color printing of Windows MS Office data. For more information about this service, please see Workflow Efficiency and Improvement > Color Offset Printing from MS Office Files.